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Cha Yuen

Cha Yuen – 12pcs Brown Rice Green Tea Relaxation and Digestive Support Tea

Cha Yuen – 12pcs Brown Rice Green Tea Relaxation and Digestive Support Tea

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  • We collaborate with Chinese medicine practitioners to create formulas that cater to the needs of contemporary individuals. Our aim is to develop herbal teas that align with the demands of today's lifestyle.

  • Our facilities are of an appropriate scale and equipped with advanced automated machinery to ensure consistent product specifications and maintain a high standard of hygiene.

  • The herbal tea's ingredients undergo a strict selection process and are certified by both SGS and the Hong Kong Certification Center.

  • Our teabags are crafted from high-quality nylon bags that adhere to food-grade standards. They are thoughtfully designed and made from safe and conveniently storable materials.

  • Brown Rice Green Tea is a delectable fusion of brown rice and green tea that has been meticulously prepared to perfection. This delightful blend presents a rejuvenating fragrance and invigorating flavor. Furthermore, Black rice is recognized for its abundant supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making it a highly nutritious choice. Rest assured, its minimal caffeine content ensures that enjoying a cup even in the evening will not disrupt your peaceful slumber.

Name: Brown Rice Green Tea

Ingredient: brown rice, green tea

Weight: 60g

Storage: please store in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 18 months

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